Help IDing my Chocolate Mystery girl!

Hi everyone! I really didn’t wanna be “That guy,” but I bought this gorgeous girl just under a year ago. Since then I have tried everywhere on FB to ID her, but the best answer I’ve gotten is Chocolate Butter.

Now for a little backstory on her…

I got her at a Reptile convention in November of last year labeled as a Chocolate Mystery. Her price tag was 150 USD. The information I got from the vendor was he got her in a trade and decided she wasn’t gonna fit in with his plans and the guyhe got her from couldn’t ID her anything other than Chocolate.

I asked for the guy he got her froms name and of course he couldn’t remember.

The only guesses I’ve gotten are Chocolate Butter and Chocolate Butter possible Enchi.

Sadly, I don’t have many good pictures as she lives up to the Ball Python name!

Thanks so much for reading!


yea looks like a chocolate butter to me


To me she almost looks hypo as well. My butter chocolate gal is much much darker.

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I was thinking she has hypo too she looks a lot like one I’ve seen on the net. Her first breeding will for sure be a normal to see what I get.

Also, she has no keyholes so to speak so that messes with me too. Lol

Chocolate butter

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Do you think she’s just a really nice example of a chocolate butter since she has no keyholes? All the one’s I see have keyholes.

Not all lesser or butters have keyholes. I hatched this guy out this year he is a butter. And a couple other butters of mine.image|598x500


Ah, ok thanks! :grin: