Help me figure out this morph

I just picked this baby Leopard Gecko from Repticon. They had it marked as Mack Snow. I was wondering if it is possible that it could also be Black Night? It has a lot of black and I’m not sure what actually would be enough to be considered.



Hello and welcome to the community! Im pretty sure the little guy is a black night but im not sure. pretty gecko if anything. But your gecko is very underweight and needs to put on alot of weight. What are you feeding them and do you dust insects with calcium? Also what is he standing on in the first pic? Not to be harsh but if its sand or any other loose suptrase please please change to reptile carpet or paper towels. Leos will subconsciously eat loose substances in their enclosure and it can be fatal. Ive seen many geckos on the forums die of loose substance impaction. I wish the best for you and your gecko!

Welcome Dalvarez :blush:

You picked up a little cutie there :heart_eyes:

@westridge @ashleyraeanne any idea on the genes?

If it was marked as a mack snow, that is likely what it is as black nights are very expensive compared to them. Snows can start out pretty dark and then get light with age.

I picked it up at the Repticon in Tampa this weekend. I’ve been wanting a Mack Snow, and couldn’t pass up on this little one.

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure. I was looking at a lot of Leos for sale on MorphMarket and he seems more black then the ones listed as black nights. Wasn’t sure if it was something to do with coloration.

I am using Exo Terra desert mat, so the sand isn’t loose. I just got it Saturday, and I have a bowl with BSFLs and Repashy calcium.

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Ok thanks for clearing that up last night i was very tired and overreacting. Do you feed them anything else? I got a leo from a repticon about 2 weeks ago, and he is a snow aslwell. I was going to post pics but he is in shed now so I will post more when he is done. Have you figured on a name for them yet? They are one of the cutest leos ive ever seen!

The only thing I have seen it eat was the BSFL in the pic I posted. I am not sure why it hasn’t eaten anything else since I got it. I went and raised the temp on the hot side to 93 to see if that maybe the issue. All I have seen it do is sleep on the hot side all day and night. I’m not sure if it the mat isn’t hot enough for it, was originally at 90. Also use a ceramic bulb during the day to raise the ambient temp on that side. I do have a count of the number of BSFL and mealworms that are in the bowls so I know if it has eaten. I know it does look skinny by the tail, but I’m not sure if that’s because it is so young.

Also forgot to add, it seems very active/strong when I interact with it to make sure it isn’t weak.

Ok my gecko did the same thing when we got him and he finished shedding so here are some pics!

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Wow. So cute :heart_eyes:. I know I have to let mine have some time to adjust. I’ve been reading that anything over 5 days of not eating is when to worry. Since it ate one BSFL on Sunday, I know it will eat, just need to leave it alone with the proper supplies available at all times.

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I know with my little baby Morticia I had to cover part of her terrarium with an old calendar to keep it darker so she felt more secure. She wouldn’t eat any live prey before I taped the calendar and would only eat tiny freeze dried prey from my hand. Ever since I made her terrarium darker she started eating like a champ. I use a CHE and UTH to heat her warm side to 95°F


So 2 week update. When I first got him/her, it was 3 grams. Currently at 4 grams and eating like a champ. Trying to look up when they go through a major growth spurt. S/He still looks about the same size. I’m feeding it a staple of BSFL and mealworms, with waxworms and hornworms as treats. I really dislike crickets, and currently working on building a discoid roach colony.


So just an update. It has been 25 days now and he(guessing) has grown some and eating a lot, refuses BSFL now, so eating mix of meal worms and discoids. Just did a weight in and he is currently at 9g and I just noticed how much the patterns have changed.

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