Help me id the babies

Hey everyone! My babies have shed out and had their first meal. So i took some pictures to celebrate. I would appreciate any help you can give on identifying them.
The pairing was a ghi lesser bannana to a mojave.

We have 8 babies total


I see

  1. Ghi Mojave
  2. Mojave
  3. Banana Mojave
  4. Mojave lesser (maybe others, unable to tell)
  5. Mojave lesser (maybe others, unable to tell)
  6. Mojave
  7. Mojave
  8. Mojave
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Ya this is about what i thought. I though some of the mojaves might be ghi but wasnt sure. One moja e in particular has alot of weird patterning

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Ghi can be tricky, as it can be little to no expression, or throw crazy patterns. I’d imagine if it was ghi though you’d lose a lot of the normal look/color of the Mojave and it would darken up a lot