Help me identify traits?

I’ve been studying morphs and traits for the past 2 weeks, but there’s parts im still learning. I’ve taken my best guess, but would love others opinions.

  1. Albino, possible Snow
  2. Super Hypo Tangerine
  3. High-Yellow normal
  4. Jungle/Stripe
  5. Super Hypo Baldy (maybe Carrot Tail, can’t really see)
  6. Bold Stripe, some would call this a Rainbow Stripe
  7. High-Yellow normal
  8. Super Hypo Carrot Tail
  9. Hypo Tangerine

MACK albino looks Tremper, Super hypo, High yellow, Abberant mack snow? Hypo snow, jungle, Hypo mack, Hypo mack, Hypo tang of unknown line

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