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So I have moved my ball python into my dining room a month n a half ago and recently he started refusing food… its now September… where he is, the smell of our meals like cooking and stuff can reach his cage… could this be the cause of his refusal to eat? He isn’t really showing signs of stress and is still very active in the night time and right before night time when I usually feed him… please help… its going on 4 weeks now since he last ate… last time he ate he had 3 weaned thawed rats… hes a year n a few months old now … all of your inputs will help… thanks

Also was wondering if he could be doing this cuz its getting close to breeding season for them?

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It could be a lot of things, especially since you mentioned you just moved him. Could there be too much “hustle and bustle” in the dining room that may be frightening/distracting.

Are the temperatures/humidity where they should be?

What time are you feeding him? Feeding at night when they are active always works best in my opinion.

Ball pythons are pretty good at regulating their diet and will usually not starve themselves. While I don’t know your boy’s weight, 3 weaned rats seems like kind of a lot for one meal, although there can be a lot of variation in prey size and they may be smaller than I’m picturing.
As far as the breeding season thing, mine would always go off feed in the spring, not the fall.


I’m assuming nothing else changed besides location. Security is about the most important thing to a ball python. I’m assuming you moved him from a low activity area to what sounds like the main part of the house. I bet half my collection would stop eating if I moved them into my dinning room. Could be anything, but I think this is most likely scenario.


Yes… and he’s always, always been a heavy excessive eater… which is why I’m worried this is the first time he’s ever acted outa ordinary… ill work on moving him back to my bedroom tomorrow and give him a few days before trying to feed him again… thank you guys! This helped alot

Also while I’ve got this post going i got something else to ask… so I have Fungus Knats in my house (damn nucenses)… and from time to time they get in his cage but I do try to get them out when i notice them… can they cause problems for my bp?

You will find some useful info about gnats in vivariums here

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Thank you #eaglereptiles

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