Help to identify this beauty?


Looks to be a common bci


Not that I’m complaining because she’s still a beautiful snake, but we got her from a reptile shop that told us she’s a 100% het albino Sharpe :thinking:

Het albino is recessive, so you wouldn’t be able to see this in the appearance.


So does that mean she could be? Sorry I’m new to all this and don’t know a great deal

Right, recessive genes are only visible when homozygous. When heterozygous, their appearance is unchanged. Here’s a decent tutorial:


She very well could be het Sharp…the only way to know for sure is to breed her to a visual Sharp…or get a ‘for sure’ 100% het Sharp from a reputable breeder. But keep in mind that a visual albino breeding to her would be the best option to prove her out. If you get visual albinos from the breeding (about half the litter should be visuals in a visual to het breeding)…then you know for sure she is a het. I have seen het to het breedings not produce visual albinos…this is very rare but it does happen…het to het breedings will USUALLY result in about 25% of your litter being visual albinos. I have however never seen a het to visual breeding not produce visuals…not saying it could not happen, but I have never seen it. Good luck and congrats on your beautiful new boa!

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@rickmoss1977 thanks for that👍🏼 I’ll have to have a look what’s about