Help with clutch ID? Dual sire? Yellowbelly?

The female was a first time breeder, Pastel Enchi OD.
Male #1 was a Leopard Lavender Abino het Pied.
Male #2 was a Pastel Ivory (het or visual DG) poss (but unlikely) OD.

Since dual sired clutches are rare, I’m hoping I get get some Yellowbelly experts to either confirm or rule out the Ivory male.

The pics are all after the first shed, 3 pics per hatchling with the belly pic as the last pic.






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Sorry I didn’t label them, but it is hatchings 1-5 with 3 pics per hatching.

My guess is…

  1. Enchi Leo OD
  2. Enchi Pastel OD
  3. Enchi OD
  4. Pastel Enchi ???
  5. Pastel Enchi ???

Duel sired isn’t really rare. that being said I don’t see yb in them. the pictures straight on of the bellies aren’t as helpful. You actually want to see the junction of the color and belly. like the picture below. you are looking for the pixilation that yellowbelly creates along with flaming.

Cinnamon YB

Cinnamon not yb


Hey, thanks for the tip! Any other takers on ID advice for the clutch?

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