Help with color name?


Are you asking for what morph it is or a name for your gecko based off of the color?


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If you don’t have the genetic info of the dam and sire and weren’t told the morph ID by the breeder than there’s no way to know this animal’s full/accurate morph ID. It could be a Patternless, a Blizzard, or a Patternless + Blizzard, have eye morph mutations, and could be carrying recessive genes you don’t know about. That sort of thing is a big deal in the world of leopard gecko selling, so if you breed this gecko, any offspring would be considered ‘Pet Only.’


It’s my opinion that this is a single gene Murphy Patternless, no Blizzard


Anything. I’ve been looking at all of the choices here but nothing matched her. Was just curious if I wanted to find another one like her what I should be looking into.


Good to know! Not interested in breeding her at this time. Was more curious about if I wanted to get another one, how I should go about finding a similar color.
If I did want to learn more about breeding, genes, etc is there a certain place youd recommend? All the different morphs and colors have peaked my interest so I’d like to learn more before even considering trying (not with the ome pictured)


If you’re looking for more like her, your best bet would be a Melanistic Patternless, I think.

The first place to just get a very rough feeling for morphs and what you like would be by looking through MorphMarket listings. Though, do keep in mind that occasionally some sellers may not have the morph reported correctly or in full for animals they list (generally out of ignorance and not malice). I check every day to see what new animals have been listed, even when I’m not planning on purchasing, because it’s fun to window shop and sometimes I learn something too.

After you get a feel for things, check out MorphMarket ’s Leopard Gecko Morphpedia as it evolves. It’s a work in progress that was recently launched but will become THE definitive reference in time, I think. (They don’t pay me or anything, I honestly just think MM rules.)

You can also look through this forum’s leopard gecko section. Tons of people have shared pics of their leos on here, including in ‘morph ID’ posts. I started a very basic Masterlist of leo morphs on here that includes morph combo ‘recipes,’ I think I put a link to it in my profile. I check the forum everyday because there’s always cool stuff to find on here!

Aside from that you can check out the websites of reputable, well-established breeders or hobbyists for information. I also enjoy listening to Reptile podcasts/watching reptile-related youtube channels, and both of those can have lots of info. In particular, a podcast called ‘Strength in Leos’ comes to mind. As with any subject, it’s good to get info from multiple sources. :blush:


Yep, and even for me, I spent the entire 2020 year browsing through MorphMarket classifieds searching for a possible girlfriend for my leo. That got me to the point where I can identify some more basic morphs easily.

I never did find him the right one though :slight_smile: He deserves only the best.