Help with hatchling identification

Hi! I have some a few hatchlings that I am not 100% sure on ID so just wanted a little help please.
Parents are snow, Murphy patternless, het Eclipse, het Tremper x Murphy patternless, Tremper, Eclipse.
No 1

No 2 had red eyes now appear black

No 3

No 4 has red eyes

Parents of these were W&Y, Tremper, Eclipse and Super hypo, carrot tail, tangerine, Tremper.

No 5

No 6

Thank you for your help.

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I am not great at identifying single-copy Mack Snows or W & Y, so take my IDs with a grain of salt. I’m not a major breeder, just a longtime hobbyist.

(1) Definitely Patternless. I can’t tell if it is a visual Tremper Albino or Eclipse because you did not show both eyes. HERE is a guide to help with taking ID photos. My guess is that it’s not a Mack Snow, but the only way I know to reliably identify single-copies is by their smudged pattern immediately after hatching. I’ve not been involved in this myself but I learned it from a breeder.

(2) There is no leo morph that involves ocular color change so my guess is that you were looking under variable lighting. Light pink eyes are Albino, Eclipse eyes are black or have black slivers (Snake Eyes), and RAPTOR eyes are deep garnet red or have deep garnet slivers (Snake Eyes) on a light pink base. When Eclipse or any strain of Albino is involved, clear pics of both eyes are a must. So this one looks like a Patternless and my guess would be a single-copy Mack as well, but hatchling appearance would be the way to tell.

(3) Patternless +/- Tremper Albino +/- Eclipse, unlikely Snow.

(4) Patternless, probable Albino, probably Snow, +/- Eclipse

(5) Banded. Eye pics needed for more than that, but should be a Tremper if both parents were. I think the same thing applies w/regards to W&Y.

(6) Banded, eye pics needed. Should also be Tremper and W&Y.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I can take some pics of their eyes tomorrow.
I am pretty sure no 1 is just murphy patternless.
I thought no 2 was MP, Tremper, Eclipse.
No 3 I thought MP, snow
And 4 Snow, MP, Tremper, Eclipse.
Looks like i may be completely wrong lol

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I’m just a fellow hobbyist, so it would definitely be useful to get the opinions of others as well for comparison (once you have pics of both eyes for each gecko). I try my best but I’m not an experienced breeder or anything. :blush: