Help with identification some of these babies

Hey all. Just had this clutch go through their first shed. I’ve got 4 that are fairly obvious and 4 I’m having trouble with a full ID on. Posting the easy ones to help maybe ID something that I don’t know about from the parents. SUPPOSE to be Pastel Enchi Leopard Yb x Champagne Mojave.


Can you post pics of the parents? Looks like you might have YB complex on both sides.

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Why do you say that? One and eight are enchi champagne combos.

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You think 1 and 8 are both enchi champagne ? I can see 8 but personally I think it’s leopard champagne. But 1 is throwing me off. I was thinking a BEL leopard

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To me 8 is enchi champagne yellow belly. You have the enchi pattern on the side which usually wipes the dorsal striping but yellow belly is causing it to come back. And I seen the blue eyes on the one but plenty of non bels have blue eyes. I’ve never seen a bel besides the dirty bels with that much pattern. I would say one looks pastel enchi champagne.

5 enchi champagne
6 enchi leopard champagne

Some killer looking champagne stuff by the way.

And I could be wrong on these. You have alot going on in the clutch plus champagne makes it super hard to identify. Being able to see them in person and see everything they have going on would help unfortunately we don’t have that option lol

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As soon as I typed that I went and looked at some enchi pastel champagne. Mike wilbanks has some exact copies of 1 lol. The blue eyes were throwing me off on the the champagne but I guess tha pastel brings out the blue. So yeah, going with Enchi Pastel Chanpagne on 1.

And thanks. It’s crazy that we got such a diverse clutch but that’s what happened I guess when you have 64 different possible combinations.

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I think one may have Mojave as well. Would explain the blue eyes as you get blue eyes in even single gene bel genes.

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I was going to put 7 as Pastel Enchi YB. Here is a better pic of the sides.