Help with identification

We picked this little one up this past weekend. I was not around to ask questions, so we have nonidea what it is. If any of you gecko experts can help, that would be great. I know the pictures aren’t the greatest, hope they are helpful.
When we first got it, it was a dark brown and showed no spots or markings.


Definitely a dalmation!

Looks to be unfired. If any other traits are in there, more pics will be needed, preferably with him fired up (dark as you said before). Looks like he might also be a brindle or just the look he gets when his starting to fire up

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Thank you. I will see what we can do to get the other pictures. Been using MorphMarket to do most of the research and between what i seen, dalmatian and tiger/bridle was the options we think we saw, but i was questioning dalmatian as i did not see (what i thought) was enough spots. But without someone with experience, there was no way we was going to use out little knowledge to make the decision. More pictures to come. Thanks again.

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Tried to get it fired up. Only got a little change. Did not feel comfortable to do it too long. But he was almost milk chocolate like when we received it.


Bicolour, brindle, dalmation.

I totally understand, there’s a lot to morph/traits,I have spent a lot of hours researching them :grin: To qualify as dalmation they need to have at least 25 spots.

I have a little guide on here and my website, if that helps.

Brindle is a more scattered version of the stripes than a tiger.

Thank you for the information. I will check out what you have. I am still wrapping my mind around all the BP morphs. I think I will leave the geckos to my wife, or I might end up calling a banana BP a dalmatian :joy:

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Haha. I’m working on getting my head around the bp morphs.

I find geckos to be much easier, but then my brain is backwards lol

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Tiger bicolour Dalmation.
The strips are going up and over his back also. :blush:

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Thanks. We did not know if they had to be solid or can be broken to be tiger. Either way, we now know what we ended up with.