Help with identifying morph

The Background

–My first gecko, Banana Split, was rescued by my friend from an abandoned house.
Our newest gecko, X, was adopted from Petco. (The workers are reptile owners and lovers who take very good care of the animals they sell)

–I don’t know anything about the genetic background of either.

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I have no age of our baby “X”
It will only eat a couple times a week and has not grown any. It shed once since we adopted it.

Without knowing anything about the history/lineage
The best I could tell you is the following:
Banana Split is an albino. temper albino is the most common but there’s 3 types and they are not compatible.
X looks to be a hypo with some high yellow color to them.

Cute little ones regardless!
I definitely wouldn’t consider breeding them though since you don’t know the history and potential gets/albino type


Thank you so much!! Super helpful :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!! If you haven’t already (I’m a bit behind on looking through posts) and you have the time and inclination, you can make a post in the ‘Introductions’ section of the forum to let everybody know more about you. I’ve found this forum to be a great place to learn and share experiences (and cute pics).

That is so cool that Banana Split was saved from a dire situation- kudos to you guys for being his heroes! In terms of morph and abstaining from breeding, I 100% agree with @armiyana . If you wanted, you could also add that X has a ‘Banded’ pattern, but this may or may not fade away with age.