Help with identifying the morph

Hello I bought this ball python from a pet shop a few months ago
The shop doesn’t know the morph as they rarely have ball pythons and other reptiles.

So I was wondering if someone can tell me what morph it is as I plan on breeding it in the future.


Looks somewhat pastel Mojave to me.
Or pastel lesser, lighting isn’t really great to see colors well.

Looks like a pastel butter/lesser to me

Before jumping right into breeding it might be a good idea to take a step back and figure out a plan for what you want to breed, what your goals are, gain some experience, etc


This banana I’d like to pair it to when it reaches breeding age.

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I think the butter/lesser is one part and maybe some orange dream based on the 1st photo… maybe a full light photo will show more details?

Having produced many many many Butter OD Pastels, I can confidently say there is no OD in this animal

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