Help with IDing possible morph for my two Leo’s!

Ok, the bigger guy with the black on him is Leviathan (Levi) and the little bitty cute fella is Leo (for now that’s what I call “him” because I’m not sure of the sex yet) I got them from pet smart (went in for a beta fish & came home with Levi! He just looked so sad & I had to bring him home! It’s just not right for them to have 10+ Leo’s in a 50 gallon tank together it’s so crowded and dirty. Then I got Leo about 2 months later on a cricket run from the same store. He was listed as a “Fancy Leopard Gecko” whatever that means. I looked at the little guy and he came right up to the glass and licked it. Needless to say, I brought him home too!


This could help as well:

Leo is what’s called Murphy’s patternless. Those little blobs of color should kinda fade away and they’ll most likely get a bit brighter yellow. If you can get a clear photo of their eyes, as well that can help. they’re a bit brightly colored so there’s a small chance they may be albino as well. I know my local Petsmart worked with Sandfire, so sometimes they had some really nice leos come through.

Levi for me, looks to be more along your normal/wild type but he does have some nice yellow coming through.

They’re both pretty cute!
Not sure how much experience you have with leos… but just in case!
Definetly keep them serperated. Even if Leo ends up being a female, I don’t recommend keeping leos in 1.1 pairs outside of short breeding periods (which is another can of worms). Males will fight, so they can’t be housed together at all.


Welcome to the forum! (I agree with @armiyana , just wanted to say hello. :blush:) Feel free to make an introduction post in the Introductions section, we love to meet new people!

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That’s just precious! :blush::lizard::snake::frog::heart:

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Welcome to the forum family! Your little guys are awesome and very lucky you brought them home with you! My crested and my leopard gecko both came from a Petsmart. I know what you mean about coming in for one thing and leaving with another! Lol! That’s how I got my corn snake as well……. :face_with_peeking_eye::joy::upside_down_face::wink:

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Thanks for the response!! &they are both in separate tanks!!! No worries there!!! Levi Is bigger and he’s in a 30-40 gallon tank and Leo is in a 20 gal. Thanks for your concern though! I thought Leo was a Murphys patternless too, just wasn’t sure about Levi! Thanks so much for responding!!! I’m super stoked to be on here! Thanks everyone


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Hey, they are really cute! Just wanted to say that reptile carpet is bad for leos because they have really tiny claws that can get stuck on it and potentially get there claws ripped off.

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@ilana_the_reptile_girl Really??? What should I use?? I have noticed they have been having some trouble with it

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Some people use newspaper, paper towel, tile etc. I personally would use paper towels it doesn’t look as natural but it’s soft and won’t hurt them plus makes cleaning easier

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I’ve only had one Leo before but I’ve done tons of research because I think I’m going to get another one soon!

Also don’t use loose substrate as it can cause impaction problems (such as sand I know it looks pretty and natural but no matter what the pet store people tell you… DON’T.

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You can also use clean unprinted newspaper or even tile. Personally I like paper towels or the newspaper because it’s easier to keep the enclosure clean. I know people want to make things look pretty but sometimes that’s just not what is best for the animal…… :blush:

Oops! I just posted pretty much the same thing you did about the substrate because I missed your post! :upside_down_face:. I apologize for that!!! lol!

It’s okay sometimes it’s Best for people to hear things from multiple people!

Since this is a thread about identification, it might be best to start a separate thread for a discussion of husbandry. You can also :mag: search :mag_right: the forum for past debates on the topic, if you’re wanting a bunch of input right away. :wink: