Help with ID's please

parents were spinner blast het orange ghost (hypo) and
Orange hypo queen bee (Butter)

These are both clearly butter and pastel or super pastel. Both are pinstripe. And they have to be het hypo or hypo.

They are now 2 1/2 years old and my last balls to sell, but I can’t post them because I don’t know what they are.

Thank you

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super pastel pinstripe lesser/butter het hypo imo


The fourth pic is a different female. Can you take a look at her?

same based on photo. if they look different in person i can’t see it

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Thank you. any idea on value so I can post them? Thanks

300 male
500 female

based on similar postings since they aren’t proven.

thank you very much

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My guess is Super-Pastel Butter Pinstripe Spider.

@t_h_wyman or @saleengrinch may have produced one of these in the past…?

If it helps any, this is my pastel butter spinner female I produced. I could see OPs being super pastel butter spinner


I have and I’m am In agreement with you and @steelserpents. I was just doing that thing Travis does and shake my head and go on my merry way lol!!!


Thank you.

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A fair price to post? 737 grams not empty weight, 21/2 years old.

Female in the first three pics 822 grams not empty wt.

thank you

This is the last sibling of the clutch. He was remarkably distinct from the others above from birth and appeared to be full hypos with all the other gene mutations.

But I am seeking expert opinions on genetics and possible value.

His clutch hatched a few days ago btw.

Thank you,

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