Help with Leo id 🦎

So a friend needs help with id’ing some babs.
Unfortunately he said these were from a ‘mass orgy’ :joy: So any help would be great. As y’all know I’m a Crestie person so I haven’t a bloody clue and can only guess :crazy_face:
@mblaney @erie-herps :crossed_fingers:t2:
Numbered to make a tiny bit easier haha


Parents could be anything…. ^

Basically messed up mixing them in incubation with labelling etc. :sweat_smile:

1 looks like the only albino
3 looks like maybe a low grade snow
The rest will be varying shades of high yellow. 4 might be a hypo depending on how the spots/color changes.

No real way to say for sure with that mix though. Might just have to label them as what you see and say ‘possible het albino’ for them since there is an albino gene male in there somewhere


I basically agree with @armiyana . Can’t say final Pattern until older so Hypo/Super Hypo and all that can’t be determined.

I’m watching an American football game (Who Dey!! :black_heart: :orange_heart:), so gotta be brief:

  1. Banded Albino, unknown strain given the really poor description you were given, even if in theory should be Tremper.

  2. Looks like an Aberrant Normal but that’s not a good pic for ID. (Share this with your friend.)

  3. Banded, maybe single-copy Mack Snow. Eye might be Eclipse, pic is bad.

  4. Aberrant Normal

  5. Banded Normal

No good eye pics so can’t say if ocular mutations are present. Make sure your friend knows that none of these babies should be bred or sold as anything other than Pet Only/Morph Unknown because of the extreme mixup.


Thankyou both, I’ve passed that all on to him.

Basically they’re on a snake group. Brought a breeding group but then brought a couple other males in. One male was in, (normal I think it was) then tried the hypo to hypos?, then tried another male who didn’t seem interested (the raptor) and then tried the Mac snow.

Confusing as heck haha. But Thankyou both :sweat_smile::lizard:

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I agree with the other posts on here, as they age they could be compared with the parents to see who the parents were from the polygenic mutations.


Some eye pics just sent!


The second one looks like there may possibly be some Eclipse but the rest look Normal to me- let’s see what others have to say too.


Are they all the same ones as above? The first one looks like a different clutch maybe? If that was the #1 above, sadly not albino like we thought. Nice faded ghost like body colors though.

The second I think is a possible snake eye. Sort of like an eclipse het. So agree with @mblaney there. Also looks a bit like a snow, if that IS the same as the hatchling above (#3 markings look similar enough) I do see that same bit of eye there to say the left eye is snake eye.

The last one looks like a hypo based on the body color, not the eye color. Looks like #4 hatchling above.

The one in the front of the pair photo (#2 from above?) has some nice color, but probably still a low grade tang because of the mix up the breeder had. Very pale eyes, but not albino.

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Gah… just looked at this again and that one I said was tang IS albino.
I hate the difference in some monitors and my color corrected one XD;;