Help With Leopard Gecko Identification

Can some one help me identify this little guy


@erie-herps @mblaney


Hypo Baldy.


I agree with @westridge , Hypo Baldy. Check out the Notes section on this post I made for more info on the major limitations on visual morph ID in leos.


Thanks I had a extra tank laying around so I picked him up today do you anyone have any tips on caring for them I don’t no much about leopard geckos

Well, first of all you shouldn’t just impulse buy animals. But since it already happened, I’ll link a few good leopard gecko care guides I know.


Thanks I have a baby ball python my daughter does not like so I wanted to try something different she likes the leopard gecko lol

Ok, but just remember to never get another reptile without doing lots of research and setting up a proper enclosure beforehand.


Agreed, you should never ever impulse buy any animal, much less a delicate animal that needs a carefully regulated environment and can live well into its 20s. Especially if it’s supposed to be for a child that has already lost interest in a previously purchase pet. I have half a dozen leopard geckos that are 19 years old and aren’t slowing down much, I hope you’re prepared to do a lot of research in a very short time.

edit: check out this link for a post with a bunch of additional care sheet links:


I am happy everyone is concerned with animals but I didn’t just impulse buy I knew what I want and if that’s was the case so what guys maybe start a group and stop petsmart and pets stores from selling these animals for the sake of impulse buying I have the pet now and I have spent $200 tank they are selling these things but the thousands and thousands of people are impulse buying so y’all say lol

There are already people trying to get the big box stores from selling small pets like reptiles, birds and mammals. It’s been an ongoing issue for well over 20 years.

By knowing you wanted it, then buying the whole setup and animal without knowing the care is pretty much the norm for impulse pet buy.

If you can give us a rundown of the setup you purchased and the temps on the hot and cold side we can maybe help a bit more as well.

The biggest issue I had regarding setups while working at a big box shop…is that they typically don’t have thermostats. You will need one for the undertaker heater if you went that route. And if you use a UTH for your baby ball, I recommend getting another for them as welll if you don’t already.