Help with Morph Identification?

So sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place…

I happened to have this girl sort of fall into my lap.

Genetics are as follows:

Lemonblast x unknown.

Initial thoughts were a possible cinder lemonblast based solely on looks but I know that the cinder gene is heavily guarded currently so looking for possible alternates? Any help is vastly appreciated.


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Maybe it’s just me, but I’m only seeing lemonblast


Even with the pattern being almost obliterated? I thought maybe leopard, cinder, something else? Just seems like there almost has to be a third gene in there wreaking havoc on the pattern. But I’m a total noob so my thoughts aren’t worth much.

It’s possible I suppose. But I’ve been scouring the inter webs for straight lemon blast patterns and this one is just very very different. I know lemon blasts can fade a bit over time and patterns can change slightly but this snake is only a few months old. I just feel like there’s something else in there making it look so different. I don’t know. I’ve had a few differentiating opinions on it from some local breeders ranging from straight Lemonblast all the way up to the cinder. It honestly looks “almost” identical to the cinder Lemonblast but I don’t feel like it can be just because of how guarded that gene currently is?

Without knowing the pairing then it will be near impossible to tell. I think that it’s a YB Lemonblast though.

Cinder is a expensive morph still, so there is very little chance that it has been passed on without a heavy price.


It’s a lemonblast, with maybe another gene but not cinder. We’d have to know the pairing to give an educated guess. If cinder was present, that snake would have not just fallen into your lap. Whoever would have paired the parents, would almost certainly not forget it was paired with a cinder, that gene is rare and expensive.


That’s what I figured. It just surprised me how similar they looked. Kinda drives me nuts that the original owner didn’t know the pairing. He just said one parent was a Lemonblast “of some kind” and didn’t know the other. It’s annoying lol

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I don’t think it looks similar to a lemonblast with cinder at all.
A lot of people want to think their mystery snake has an expensive gene at play. When you think about it, the expensive genes usually come from honest and respectable breeders, not someone who would forget a pairing of their clutch.


As I said originally, I do NOT think that it has cinder in it. I just said it looked similar. And if looks almost identical to a picture of one. Admin removed the picture I had of it for reference so I won’t post it again. The original point of the post was just to get some ideas on what it could be based on best guesses. I’m aware that guesses are all they are without knowing the pairing. It just doesn’t look like any straight Lemonblast I’ve ever seen. So I assumed there’s another gene involved. Just looking for ideas. I don’t have any inkling that the cinder is actually involved. Just looked similar to me so I was curious what ELSE might do that to the pattern.

Cinder is another line of mahogany. Mahogany lemonblast are typically much darker and the eyes strips on most mahogany/cinder projects are almost absent. As with most morph combos there is variability and i am not seeing anything more than a nice lemonblast.


Picking out additional genes in pinstripe combos can be incredibly tough. One of the best ways is to compare clutchmates. Which doesn’t help you much in this case. Here’s a lemonblast and Huffman blast freshly hatched. The difference is easy to spot when comparing the two clutchmates.

. This is an adult females lemon blast for further comparison and because I love her lol.


Lemonblast from my end.

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