Help with Morph identification

I have three balls I’d like some opinions on, I am not that familiar with genes. The first one I bought is a male 2018/2019 Banana Pewter possible get pied. The owner I got him from said he was originally from NERD. But he seems alot brights in color then the other banana pewters I’ve seen.

Female 2019 Fire. I asked a few friends and the opinion was slit between fire and normal.

Sterling Possible blackhead 2020 Female


First one looks to be just a Banana Cinny, not a Pewter

I would agree with second possibly being a Fire complex animal. Might also be a Yellowbelly. Belly pics would help with clarification there

Third looks like a Sterling. I would imagine BH would make it darker but I have not made one or seen any in the flesh so I am not certain there


There’s no blackhead there imo.