Help with Stubborn BP

Still considered a newbie and always seem to have another issue that I can’t quite figure. I got a rescued normal adult female BP in October. Never bred to the previous owners knowledge. She was however abused by someone else and has a large belly scar to show. I didn’t think the scar would impede her from being able to breed so I began pairing her.

She would allow locks and ate every week like a champ. That was until mid-March, she has not ate since. I’ve offered every week and she does not seem interested at all. I initially thought this was the beginning of gathering follicles and she was gravid. She became severely swollen and extra cranky.

Now she looks normal, like nothing took. She is still refusing food and is now losing weight. She was 1800 grams in March and just weighed at 1611. I’m at a loss and more worried about her losing weight than not being pregnant.

Any advise on getting her to eat again? She was doing either F/T or live rats, whichever I offered at the time.

Did she shed within a few weeks of getting extremely swollen? where and how is she laying in the tub/terrarium? Is she actually looking thinner?

To me it sounds like you saw an ovulation. Unfortunately, my first year breeding so after that point other than changing bedding I just kept my hands off and didn’t weigh so probably better waiting for someone with a little more experience than me chimes in, which basically anyone with any experience.

If she’s coilling and periodically laying on her side I would say make sure the incubator is fired up and start looking for eggs soon. To my knowledge ovulation is the point of no return follicles won’t be reabsorbed.

As far as the belly scar would need pictures or more details to go on to be of any help there.