Hemipenial Casting?

This big “girl” was sold to me as a female, but while I was holding her she popped this out. And it looks a bit reminiscent of a hemipenial casting, (or whatever it’s called, correct me if I’m wrong) and I wanted the pros to double check if it’s a hemipenial casting or not. I’m trained at popping but I haven’t popped them yet and I’m considering having somebody probe “her” for me. But either way I’d appreciate second opinions, only one came out by the way, although I’ve heard of BPs with only one hemipenes so not impossible she is just a he that was misidentified due to missing half the components :person_shrugging:


Nevermind on the one! I noticed something kind of sticking out of the cloaca and after a little bit of examining that one also just popped out (holding up the tail is what I mean by examining) definitely not fecal matter or urate related as far as I can tell

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Females can sometimes also get “smegma” aswell. But you may want to see if you can get someone with experience to probe just to be sure.