Here from the D! (MI-Metro Detroit area that is)

Hey Everyone!!

Like the title says, shouting hello to everyone from the Detroit area in Michigan. My name’s TJ and I would say I’m pretty much a newbie to the snake hobby. I had a ball python when I was (much) younger and thought it the coolest thing ever. That said, I didn’t know what all I was really doing.

Now that I’m an adult with my own children, they’ve shown interest in snakes so we’re getting a ball python! And (now that I’m older) I’ve done a ton of research and feel like I at least know what I should be doing (even if I need help on how to do it).

Edit I guess I should’ve looked at some others before I posted mine. I LOVE animals in general. We have three dogs, a 65 gal freshwater fish tank, and I had all kinds of pets growing up. From chinchillas and ferrets to leopard geckos and birds, I’ve had a little bit of everything! My favorite was my massive iguana.


Hello and welcome to the forums!