Here to Lurk 'n Learn!

This looks like a great site. I’m 61, retired animal control officer and have always loved reptiles. Wish I lived somewhere warm where I could keep them without all the lights and such. I’d SO have an American alligator! LOL. I’ve caretaken several over the years through the shelter and just love them.

For now I have one ornate pacman frog and one nile monitor.

I hope to add a black Mexican king snake someday, and something I haven’t had since childhood, but would LOVE to have again, Eastern Collar Lizard and a horny toad.

My wants are simple! LOL. Look forward to lurkin’ and learnin’.


Hi and welcome to our community, I hope that you continue to stay around and learn. Pictures are always welcome of your animals. American alligators are awesome but a little bit experienced for me but one day maybe a monitor of some kind probably an Asian water monitor. How big is your Nile monitor?

Welcome aboard…Would love to see pictures especially the monitor…They are so prehistoric looking.


Welcome to the community Diane!

Me too!!! Lol Unfortunately that would not probably be a good living situation for me lol!

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Hi and welcome. I have only been here a short while but have learned loads already.
You don’t have to lurk unless you prefer it, feel free to ask. The staff and members are really responsive and helpful.


That is so true, questions are always welcomed