Here we go again…

Big Mama and Spikes babies, last lot hatched 10th July so this ones taken longer to hatch. Worth the wait!
Quad :star_struck:

Partial pin😁


So tiny and adorable. :heart_eyes:


Just got to wait for 1st shed now :blush:
But the partial pin is a chunk! The extra time did wonders :sweat_smile:


Congrats on the cuties!
Cresties are one few lizards I’d want to own.

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Gotta love a chunky baby :relaxed: how long was it incubating?

They’re very addictive :sweat_smile:

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2 months 3 weeks ish :sweat_smile:
As it gets colder they take longer!

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I agree, Cresties are addictive :star_struck:

Not bad incubation time considering the weather has been so weird this year

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Yeah not too bad!
There’s another 2 clutches and 1 lone egg that shouldn’t be long (nearly fully filled the egg). But with those late I won’t expect them soon!
It’s been a nightmare but it’s all worth the wait, plus with that chunker it clearly enjoyed the extra time :sweat_smile:

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Definitely worth the wait :star_struck:

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I would baby geckos one day :crossed_fingers:

Lone egg hatched! :blush: