Hermann’s Tortoise Keeper

Thetortoiseandturtlesource is a family owned and operated and farm that is proud to own ONLY healthy captive bred tortoises,turtles, and aquatic turtles.

Here is a list of the ones we keep:
Aldabra,radiated,Egyptian,Indian star and Hermann’s tortoises.
We have Bolivian Cherry Headed Red Footed Tortoise
Burmese Black Mountain Tortoise.
Burmese Brown Mountain Tortoise.
Burmese Star Tortoise.
Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoises.
Chocolate Colored Red Footed Tortoise.
Elongated Tortoises.
Chinese Box Turtles.
Forsten’s Tortoise. And Other varieties of tortoises/Turtles.
-Aldabra Tortoise
-Egyptian Tortoise
-Marginated Tortoise
-Pancake Tortoise
-Leopard Tortoise
-Red-Footed Tortoise
-Hermann’s Tortoise
-Indian Star Tortoise
-Sulcata Tortoise
-Cherry Head
-Russian Tortoise
-Greek Tortoise

  • The Sulcata Tortoise, found in the Sahara Desert, is one of the largest tortoise species in the world.
  • Russian Tortoise . They are a very popular pet tortoise in the United States.These tortoises can live for more than 40 years and prefer to live in warm outdoor enclosures. If they are housed indoors, they should be kept at room temperature and have a hot basking area, UVB light, and 30%-50% humidity.
  • Greek Tortoise lovers, we have Greek tortoises. Like the Russian, they are one of the most popular pet tortoises.
    They are easy to identify because of their domed shell and golden to black color patterns.
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That’s a large list, Hi and welcome :smiley: