Hey from Victoria!

Hi, I’m Victoria La Barre!

Super new to reptiles, maybe a year ago in 2020, but been obsessed since then.
After discovering it on Google, I’m a long-time lurker on MorphMarket and this is my first time posting about myself.

I can’t own any reptiles of my own until I get a better living situation next year, so I mooch off my friends and nearby reptile rescues to get snake hugs. I am going to stake a flag on this hill and say that I consistently use the terms:

noodle cat- a snake
scale puppy- a lizard
satan spaghetti- an angry snake
salty-saur- angry/ sassy lizard

Feel free to steal these terms!

P.S. If you see a short little Romanian lady at a reptile expo buying a lot of plants and asking a ton of questions, that is probably me :slight_smile:


Hey Victoria!

It seems your introduction got lost in our “about” post… we should really close that topic :sweat_smile:

When you get yourself into a better situation what reptiles do you plan on getting?


I myself call Royals ‘Noodles’ or ‘Little Pupper’ :sweat_smile:

I hope you Enjoy it on here, hopefully we’ll be able to help you choose what reptiles you get when you can get some! :heart_eyes:

Royals are Amazing if you’re into Snakes! :fire:


Welcome! :wave:
What kind of reptiles are you most interested in? I like your terminology, I often use noodles for snakes.


Welcome to our community!!!
I am so happy that you chose to get plugged in here, you will not regret it! What kind of herps are you interested in? I see you like plants, what ones do you have or like? I am a huge fan of orchids and various kinds of philodendron. Again, welcome!

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Don’t worry about it. I’ve been here for awhile and have never owned any herp amphibian or invert yet. All I’ve ever really had is dogs.

I’m hoping to make my herp debut and give the honor of my 1st ever herp to an Uromastyx or a pair of them (likely U. geyri possibly U. ornata). But it will still be quite awhile before I can get one. So I just hang around here and look at the pretty pics of various critters.

Welcome to the Community Victoria!!


Welcome to the very best reptile community there is. Period.

Super knowledgeable staff.
Super friendly staff.
Super knowledgeable people.
Super friendly people.
A mountain of accurate information.
Amazing pictures of a huge diversity of reptiles.

Did mention everyone is friendly?

No question goes unanswered. Doesn’t matter if it a brand new never before asked question, or one that’s been answered a million times. You will still get a great, accurate and friendly answer and someone will click the little heart below your question. So ask away!


This is so encouraging lol :grin:



I want to first mention I relaly believe in “clicking” with your animal, (That gut feeling you get when you’re holding a puppy or snake ect… and you just get this instinct, “This is mine, they are baby, and I will protect it it’s whole life” deep in your bones.) not just buying them because they’re pretty or to fit a coolection. (no offense to people who do that, I just find it a little strange because I don’t “collect” dogs like some do with reptiles.)

That being said, since I’ve been lurking for so long, I do have a list of dream reptiles & morphs:

Ball Pythons: Banana (when they get older, they get “chocolate chips”, so I’m going to name mine Muffin and she will be my Bannana Nut Muffin), I also really like Acid, Confusion and Hurricane morphs. And who can resist a solid white blue eyed lucy?
Corn Snakes: well it’s got to be a palmetto that I can name “Sprinkles” obviously
Rat Snakes: I’m totally inlove with orange Bamboo Rat snakes, I want to make a full “mountain scene” terrarium with one of my bonsai trees in it.
Milk Snakes: there is one really cute snow morph with pastel pink bands that I have been watching on MorphMarket for forever. If he’s still here in a year, I’m going to get him because I never see pink snakes rarely ever.
Hognoses: I love their dramatic personality. I have been swayed by my sister’s girlfriend to get a solid white andaconda morph because she’s scared of snakes, but that’s they only snake she’s seen that she said she liked and I want to convert her.
Boas: This is going to be reeeeeellly hard to pick just one, because I LOVE solid black IMG or ecipse, but also moonglows and sundragons look so gosh darn cool.
Reticulated pythons: I always said, “no absolutley not” because I thought they all get 20+ ft and if I get a reptile, I’m signing up to keep it it’s full lifespan like my dogs. But I recently found out about island dwarfs and I found a male lavendar goldenchild whose dad only got 10ft so I am more open. I love the solid black golden child morph, the cow and the orange/yellow ones.

I also am considering an orange or yellow iguana if I could get it as a baby and work with it, but definetly, definetly a Tegu. Tegu’s are so cool. I especially love blackblood Tegus. As far as turtles, I like the indian star or Radiaded. They look very cool with the black and yellow patterns.

I probably won’t get every reptile on my list because I want to make sure I’m a really good pet owner with enough space and money to take care of them but that’s my “dream list.”

(I love ball pythons the most. There’s so many morphs it’s hard to choose!)


Snakes are my favorite and yes, I really, really love Royals (ball pythons) they have such sweet, shy personalities and come in so many amazing morphs. I also like Tegus alot too :slight_smile:

I’m obsessed with snakes. I love ball pythons the most, but cornsnakes and boas are close in the running! I also really like Tegus. :slight_smile:

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Hey fellow lurker!

Wow that sounds like a cool dream reptile! Mine are snakes, man I really like snakes. It’s so ironic because half my family is terrified of snakes, but snakes are just so darn cute! I really like ball pythons, corn snakes and boas the most. :slight_smile:

I also really want a Tegu!

I think I only have to lurk for one more year becuase that’s when i graduate and will have a full time job so I can move into my own house. I’m definetly going to spend my “adult money” on bills and reptiles.

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Yes! MorphMarket is awesome! I really love this site :slight_smile:

Welcome and love the terms! I think I’ll teach my daughters to use them. :slight_smile:

Have fun and once you can keep reptiles of your own, don’t go buck wild, but go buck wild. Haha, I know, it’s contradictory. Simply put, enjoy!