Heya from North Texas

Name’s Lyndz and I’m an over enthusiastic hobbist soon(ish) to be breeder of corn snakes and eventually sand boas. Right now I have 12 snakes in my collection (including a ball python and a black kingsnake who are just pets) and will 13 come Monday when our newest girl arrives.

I’m mostly gonna be concentrating on the Tessera gene but have plenty of red genes to work with as well. I’m still learning how all the different parts and pieces of genes work together and am excited to get started when everyone is old enough and of good weight to produce. Below are a few of my snakes.

Enyo, my Snow boy.

Apollo, my Sunkiss boy.

Zeus, my ??? boy. Genes unknown and old Pic. He’s only gotten darker with age.

Hestia, my Sunkiss girl.

Vulcan, my Tessera boy.

Khione, my Snow Tessera girl.

Gaia, my Oketee girl.

Nike, my ??? girl.


Eleos, my ??? girl.


You’ve got some beautiful snakes there Lyndz. I wish you every bit of luck with the breeding projects. Do you have a direction in mind?

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Welcome @meerkatlyndz to the community! I am abosutely blown away by how gorgeous Apollo and Zeus are! They are completely stunning and everyone else is just as beautiful!

I can’t wait to read up on your breeding projects on the forums in the future!

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Well first off is breeding Zeus to either of my mystery girls or my Sunkiss girl to try and figure his genes out. But mostly it’s Tessera all the way. I’m curious to try and get some bold crisp lines/stripes. All about those crisp markings.


May I ask what part of North Texas? I too am located in the Texoma area. I’m obsessed with anything snow, and that corn is no exception. I have a bunch of snow stuff in ball pythons and want to expand eventually to other snakes.

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Vernon Texas to be exact. It’d be amazing to see your collection. And trust me with my snow female Tessera, new Opal girl that just arrived today, and my male normal snow you can bet there’s gonna be some snows coming.

This is my new Opal girl. She’s pink now but will turn nearly white by the time she’s all grown up. But that’ll be in a few years.

I haven’t started collecting yet but eventually we are gonna be breeding sand boas as well and snow is in the plans for them as well. Snow paradox to be exact.


I do have two male sand boas. One is a paradox, the bigger Orange one, and the other is a Anery Paint I believe. Don’t remember off the top of my head.


That’s awesome. I am in Wichita Falls. A lot closer than I thought we might be.

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Sent you a message. We gotta meet up at some point and chat. To close not to right?

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