Heya! New here!

I’ve just never gotten around to opening the forums, haha! The name’s Sarah, but I often go by one of my middle names, Arlene. I’ve lived up in the Eastern Pennsylvania area since I was born, and have had reptiles most of my life. Recently settled down with ball pythons in 2017. Currently, I have a small breeding group and a few I’m raising up:

1.0 Calibee Spotnose (Het OG) - Octavain
1.0 Banana - Shirogane
1.0 Ghost Pewter Calico - Moonchild
0.1 Butter - Chubs
0.1 GHI (PH Axanthic) - Ghidorah
0.1 Spinnerblast Mystic Potion - Solange

I do have one normal boy (Othello) being boarded with me for the time being, 1.2 crested geckos I have yet to do much with, and one feisty California king snake (Inlé). On the side I keep several ducks, many of them rescues, a few chickens, an angry parakeet, and eleven accidental gerbils. Currently, I do occasional educational presentations at schools/camps/nursing homes. I’d like to expand into smaller locale boas slowly and hope to learn more about venomous reptiles.

As of September 3rd, my first clutch hit the ground, 8 good eggs (Butter x Calibee Spotnose Het OG). Hoping for good luck with the eggies and further digging into the hobby!

If you’re on Instagram, you can keep up with the gang here: https://www.instagram.com/nocturne_reptiles/

Hope to talk with ya’ll soon and expand my knowledge! Have a good day! :blush:


Hi @nocturne_reptiles ! Im fairly new here as well! In the short time i’ve been here, I’ve gotten tons of information and insight on stuff I never would have thought about. Hope you stick around and enjoy the forums!

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Welcome! You have a very nice collection. I love their names! :blush:

I think it’s really cool that you do educational presentations. I’ve thought about doing that, but I’m nervous about speaking in front of groups. Props to you for being able to do that!

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Oh, thank you!

I’m still very scared of people and crowds, but I’ve found speaking comes easier to me when it’s something I’m passionate about. My hands still shake a bit when I first start, but after a few minutes it’s started to stop!

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@nocturne_reptiles welcome to the group! You have a nice collection :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum! I am also new here so it’s nice to meet other new members :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :blush:

Welcome Sarah! I LOVE your snakes names, ha-ha, and your insta is awesome as well! :ok_hand:

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Haha, thanks!