Hi all from The Netherlands

Hi all,

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself.
I’m Bas, 38 years from the south west region of The Netherlands.
After searching a lot on the for sale pages I stopped here at the forum to read and learn more about royals and their new genes.

I have had a couple normals years ago but switched to constrictor imperators.
I’ve got a normal female and a 1.1 Dh Gee ghost couple. I was planning to breed them years a go but due to me being away for 14 days and then being 14 days at home from work (on a ship) I’ve stopped planning the breeding part.

Recently my gf has moved in with me and my work roster has changed a lot so now I’m starting to look around again in the world of snakes.
My gf used to have snakes so she is fine with it and used to keeping and maintaining them.

We’re busy orientating for royals.
Due to the lack of keeping up with all new morphs I’m reading a lot here and am playing with the calculator to see what genes are to our liking.

That’s it for now.
I will try to shoot some pics from the Boa’s soon but they are not the most friendly ones :man_facepalming::joy: so bare with me.

Thanks for reading!



Welcome to the community!!!


Welcome to the community Bas!

So very cool you and your woman are both interested in snakes!
Once you get a royal it becomes a drug and gets addicting fast >.<

Looking forward to the Boa pics! :slight_smile:


Thank you both.
Will try to shoot some pictures this week from the Boa’s.

Last time I’ve tried it two of them started striking at the lens :joy:
Maybe thursday after they have gotten dinner.
Usually they are pretty tame after a good meal.

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Welcome! Enjoy the ride.

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Welcome buddy glad you joined.

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