Hi everyone,!

Hi all! :wave: I’m excited that I discovered this community. I’ve been researching for a few months and am close to purchasing my first reptile! I haven’t decided on the species but I think I’ve narrowed it down to either a corn or milk snake.

I have to jumping spiders right now which are the second animals I’ve kept (the first was a mantis). I’m excited to expand my keeping skills with a new snake. I hope in the future to keep many species of reptiles and amphibians.

I’m happy to have a community to share this journey with! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! :wave: We’re glad to have you here. Those are both great choices for a first snake. Do you know what species your spiders are?

One is a bold jumper (I think. He’s a baby so it’s a little difficult to tell) and the other is a female zebra jumper.

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Awesome, do you have pictures of them?

That’s my zebra. My other guy is too small to be seen in photos, but he’ll be bigger soon :smile:


I hope to get my 1st ever reptile when I can as well…was gonna go Corn snake too but decided I wanna get an Uromastyx (either U geyri or ornata but more likely geyri).

This community is full of charming people who are knowledgeable about all sorts of critters. I believe you’ll fit in well here.

Have fun!!


That’s wonderful, good luck! Why’d you decide on a Uromastyx? I have a slight fear of lizards (not exactly sure why). I hope to get over that fear because I love lizards and would love to own some one day. I actually considered getting a gecko to help get over my fear a little better cause geckos don’t freak me out as much but I decided to keep them on the bucket list for now.

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I’m not interested in pythons or boas snake wise and aside from a select few geckos I am not interested in them either (as in a pet perspective although I like learning about everything from a zoological bio perspective. My fav subject is biology so I’m interested in learning more about all sorts of different liffeforms). Cannot have venomous/poisonous anything even if its mild and harmless to humans thanks to local current law here in Toronto Canada. So snake wise Colubrids are my best bet.

I wanted a Tarantula first but can’t because of the aformentioned law. So my interest shifted to Corn snakes since their adorable beginner snakes with many morph options and basic husbandry. But I soon realized that getting rodents could prove an issue on a regular basis for now so my focus shifted to Uromastyx. Their good looking lil bearded dragon cousins from N. Africa and the middle east (same lizard fam as them aka Agamidae) quite personable/friendly and quite easy to feed for the most part (they primarily eat leafy greens, veggies, seeds and such–I can run to the 24 hr grocery store if I find myself short on food for it for the most part + its prob cheaper too)

Their husbandry is fairly simple as well…quite like beardies but a bit higher heat…so hi heat, low humidity and hi UV.

Only species of pet I’ve ever had has been dogs…need something different and new to enjoy.

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Biology has always been my favorite too. Good luck with your future Uromastyx!


Welcome to the community.

Good choices for first reptile, let us know what you decide.

Don’t be shy about asking questions, there’s usually someone about that can help :grin:

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Jumping Spiders?! :open_mouth:

Welcome to the community btw! Can’t wait to see what you decide; milk or corn :wink:


Welcome to our community, I hope that you find that we love and encourage you to grow in reptile knowledge and passion for our scaly friends!


I’ll get alittle slack…but my 1sy choice on a 1st snake…is a rosy boa!! Euro’s are an excellent choice is lizard thO… I had alot of the norms…leopard…Breadies…which I liked but I absolutely love my Uro…he acts like a puppy & comes to his name. Kept in mind…species of Uro can be extremely long lived…compared to say a breadie…or even Corn snake. Mine is doing amazing…& getting ready to turn 14. Mine is a Moroccan thO…


Genbu…my Uro


handsome little fellow :wink:

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