Hi from 4Z Reptiles

Hey! Jaymie, with 4Z reptiles! I had snakes when I was younger, and my (then) 8 year old wanted bps, aaand the next thing I know I’m learning about genetics and buying racks. :joy:

This year is the first year I really have clutches hatching, and still have a lot to learn! I’ve also added a few burm, retics, and a nice collection of western hogs, along with a few other random snakes that I’m still figuring out whether or not will get mates.

Looking forward to connecting to other reptile owners and learning how everyone does things. And maybe even how to ID some of my more difficult clutches!


Welcome to the community! Sounds like you have a really nice collection. What morphs for hognoses are you working with?

Welcome to the community! You’ve been building your collection very well. :rofl: Feel free to share pictures of your reptiles.

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Welcome!! :grin:

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