Hi from denmark

Im new in here. I live in denmark and have some cornsnake and timon lepidus.
I have a question, can i as I privat person without cvr number or store buy reptiles on morphmarket. And thank you for your answers.
Best regards Jeanette


Welcome Jeanette.

Yes you can buy from morph market as a private individual.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time but most of the answers can be found in previous threads.

Take care

You are my allmost neighbor :joy::heart_eyes: Wellcome :heart_eyes:

Velkommen og hej! This is a great community with a lot of info and a excellent market place.

Hi adam101

Sorry i will look better the next time but thank you very much for ansver.

Hi halina

Thank you very much;D

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Hi thanatos

Yes already now i really think it is amacing

Haha no need to apologise. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hi Jeanette, welcome. You’ll find the folk here very friendly and helpful as I have as a newbie too.

Hi Dave

Thanks and welcome to you also :slight_smile: :grinning:

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