Hi from north Florida! =]

Hi there! My name is Charlie and I’ve browsed through the MorphMarket sales area a few times now looking at all the gorgeous ball pythons and bearded dragons and finally decided to join the community section :slight_smile: . I have a menagerie of pets that includes 6 big fat rattos who have a three story mansion (seriously. I swear they have it better than I do!), a 13.2hh welsh mix pony named Phoenix who I am learning to jump with, 2 backyard chickens named Barbecue and Teriyaki who are total jerks but they’re hilarious, a guppy tank, and last but not at all least, my beloved bearded dragon named Bart who I rescued from near death about 6 and a half years ago. He is basically a son to me! I recently and unexpectedly lost my wonderful ball python, Sonata, and her loss has stung.

I’m hoping to gain some more reptile knowledge, because knowledge is invaluable, and then hopefully decide between getting a second beardie or a new noodle.


Hello and welcome! That is an awesome ratty cage!

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Thank you!

Hi Charlie. Welcome :blush:
We’ve got a lovely group of people on here, if you have any questions do not feel silly asking.

Also… Where are these chickens at? :joy:

Thank you. I appreciate it! ! They tend to run away when I’m in the yard but they love being creepers and staring at me through our windows, so here is a pic of Barbecue creeping in my window and Teriyaki sitting on my grill :joy: