Hissing When Feeding

I’m not gonna derail this train anymore than it already is just know that I officially am on Team Margo

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Lol :joy:
I may be a bit lucky I have 5 bps so far, got the first one in April, Handle 2-3 times per week and I am unscathed so far. I’ve probably had 5-6 strikes at me that entire time but even if they’re S’d up I just cover their head from behind and they instantly ball. I know I’m going to get tagged eventually but we will see how long I can remain unsullied :joy:

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@akirby91 This margo talk has genuinely brought me such joy omg, I know it’s not on topic but thank u hahaha.
@thecrawdfather & @meerkatlyndz I tend to go for the more natural wiggling look, but my snakes tend to take anything even if its levitating in front of them :joy:

Anyways I’m downsizing Bones’ hides and seeing if he feeds a little better soon. He’s generally well tempered for a snake that hasn’t been handled much since birth, so that’s a relief


I’m an absolute lemon, he’s in shed. Of course he didn’t want his meal! :sweat_smile::weary:

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