Hognose baby sex

Greatings everyone
I’ve recently bought a hognose by a pet shop… It ’ s like 2-3 month and It is fine but the Man Who sold It to me said It was a male and a normal One…
I m not sure on both… As the tail Is not that long and It eats like hell ahahah and seems like a low expr conda as the pattern Is not too much full…
Can u help me?


It’s pretty, that’s about all I can offer!


Based on the size and shape of the tail, you most likely have a female! It can be hard to tell when they’re little, but the cloacal area looks wide enough in the first two pictures that I doubt it’s male.

Though I can see why you might think it’s an anaconda, anacondas usually have black bellies. There’s a fair amount of speckling on this one’s belly, so I don’t think it’s an anaconda.