Hognose egg question

I have a clutch of hognose eggs that should be hating in a week or so, but had one pip yesterday. Should I leave them alone until the expected hatch date or should I intervene?

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I always encourage not cutting because each egg will hatch when it’s ready. If you do decide to cut then wait until 24 hours after the first pip or until the second pip. I would recommend waiting until the second pip if you decide to cut because this first one might just be unusually early and cutting now might force the other snakes out early.

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I prefer not to cut, just that one hatching so early threw me off.


It’s always good to remember that due dates are a rough estimate that can be affected by many variables. If they’re “due” in a week, they might not be early at all, just on time for their specific clutch. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Apparently it was time as of this morning I have 4 completely out and over half of the rest are starting to pip.