Hognose experience

Just sharing my initial experience with Western Hognose.

Wanted one since I was a kid, fast forward 40 years later, purchased one earlier this year. It was worth the wait and they did not disappoint. I say they because I have 3 now.

My experience so far:

Big attitudes and huge personalities.
Clumsy and goofy at times, comical.
Like to eat, head first, sometimes butt first and often start in the middle.
Poo stinks.
Easy to care for.
Hissy little want to be cobras.

I get at least one out every day for about 30min. Never know what to expect from start to finish but it usually includes a little attitude somewhere along the way.

I still flinch at bluff strikes……makes me feel young again, reminds me of catching wild snakes and they gave you good reason to flinch because they were not bluffing. They are getting better at tolerating me and I am getting better with the flinching. I find it difficult to get use to a bluff strike.

The smallest one will eat while sitting in my hand……I don’t advise doing this, out of the three it’s the only one that tried to eat a finger.

Overall the experience has been excellent! Entirely unlike any other snake I’ve kept.