Hognose feeding question/colorado river toad question

I’m gonna be breeding hognose snakes for the first time next year, and I know some babies can be picky and want scented mice, so would getting a colorado river toad to scent the mice with be a good idea? I know people like to use live toads to scent them, but I’m not sure if a colorado river toad would be good to scent with, because I’ve heard that they secrete poison, but is it a situation where the hognoses are immune to it? If colorado river toads aren’t a good option, what would be a better toad species? I’d also be open to smooth sided toads, southern toads and great plains toads if those would be better options.

Best thing to do, honestly, is try and avoid using toads for scenting at all. If you get hatchlings just try them on F/T. Those that do not take, try washed F/T. Those that do not take washed, try drop boiled. Those that do not take drop boiled, try chicken broth dipped. Those that do not take chicken broth dipped, try tuna-dipped. And if you have any hold outs at that point… Then and only then would I worry about considering toad scenting


Thanks for the advice! Also, what do you mean by washed, do you mean you physically wash them with water or something like that?

Mostly. Warm water to rinse them then suds them lightly with a drop of dawn dish soap then rinse them really really well and then offer them.


Thanks, will do that if I have some picky hogs!