Hognose meal size questions

I have a male hognose just over a year old. He is pretty long but still skinny. ( I dont know exactly his length and width because he bit me earlier this year. Turns out im allergic to his mild Venom :joy: so I dont handle him anymore ) what size mouse would you recommend him eating Pinkies seem way too small but the next size up i can find are fuzzies and those are bigger than the biggest part of him. Any suggestions?


Do you feed just one pinky? I usually will go from 1 pinky to 2 pinkies, then to fuzzies when they’re big enough to handle them.

I also feed twice a week for my baby hogs, then once they’re big enough for large fuzzies/hoppers I cut it back to once a week or every other week for the chunkier ones.


This is what I hear for most small snales with high metabolism.

Ive been feeding 1 pinkie every 3 days. He loves to eat and has never refused a meal even in shed. I just wanted to make sure it’s still the best size for him.

Male hogs do tend to be on the slimmer side compared to female hogs.

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Feed him something almost as thick as he is at his thickest point, every 5-7 days. Every 3 days is a bit frequent and based on his size tells me the meal is too small. If a snake is fed too small a meal it will pay an energy cost to digest said meal. If the meal isn’t sufficiently sized, it can become a calorie negative transaction for the animal.


Yea thats where I am running into the issue. The pinkie is too small but the fuzzie is a lot bigger than the thickest part of his body. Ive been trying to buy the larger pinkies or find the smallest fuzzies at local pet store ( family owned so they group the mice by size in a ziploc)

No Ive only fed him one pinkie every 3 days. So even though the pinkie is small its more frequent than once a week. Are you suggesting 2 pinkies at once one time per week? Just want to make sure im reading it right. Thanks.

If he’ll take two do two once a week. You should be able to see a little food bump if it’s enough.

Yeah, I’ll bump mine up to 2 pinkies during the same feeding — I do mine on the twice a week schedule with no issues but you can do once a week as well.
Whatever works best for you and your hoggie!

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