Hognose setup help

hey all, I purchased my first hognose which is also my first snake ever recently. I just needed some input on my enclosure setup. Is my list good enough? Do I need aything else? any feedback is appreciated.
heres the link to the list I came up with : Kit

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It looks good. You have all the essentials. I would recommend getting some more items to clutter the tank up. Cork bark, fake leaves, and any other decor items. You can also get a light of some sort and a timer/smart plug if you want to light the tank up as well.

Depending on the size of the snake, you might also want to start it off in a smaller tub. Hoggies are notoriously picky eaters sometimes. It’s easier to meet their needs and make them feel secure in a smaller tub.


oh yeah haha I totally forgot to add those things I’ll make adjustments, thank you. also the tank is roughly the size of a 20 gallon but I was planning on feeding her in a separate Tupperware container.