How can you tell if an animal is infertile?

I have a 600 gram male, I’ve put him with 3 different girls but he never tries anything with
Them. When popped I don’t see any evidence of sperm. My gut thinks that he’s just a late bloomer and not feeling up to it yet, but to be safe how would I know if he’s infertile? Would he lock with never producing a clutch or not try to lock at all?


Just an opinion-
He might not be ready yet at 600.
Do you see both good heiriphenes when popping? they can get damaged .
I would guess an infertile male would still lock with no outcome.


That’s my thinking too. Yeah they look extremely healthy.


How old is he?
I agree that he’s probably not ready yet. Especially if he’s younger than a year.
Sperm plugs are a better sign than weight. Even if he is locking, he may not be producing enough yet to really do anything but go through the motions.


He’s about 2 years old.


I totally agree with both @ascended & @armiyana
I can tell you all males are different when it comes to size and age when they are ready to breed. Some can breed earlier then a year, I had one seem very interested and he was just a year and only 400 something grams, and proved to be a great breeder that season! That is my exception though, most males that start locking for me are over 2 years old, and some showed no interest until 3. The fact that yours isn’t trying to lock tells you it’s just not there yet. The only other thing is to make sure it is a male, usually people mistake males for females, but occasionally a breeder may see some large glands of the female when popping and label as male.


That’s what I’m thinking that he’s just not ready yet. But he’s definitely a male, big bright healthy hemipenes. I’ll wait til he gets a little bigger and start pairing him again later on.