How does the palmetto gene work?

Palmetto is listed as inc dominant yet it has hets? does it still have a super form or is that considered the visual? For anyone who can help thanks

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Heterozygous applies to both incomplete dominant and recessive genes. An animal with a single copy of the gene at an allele will be heterozygous, an animal with two copies of the gene will be homozygous. A visual Super Palmetto is a Homozygous Palmetto.

The word super is a made up term that came from ball python breeders who didn’t have a solid grasp of Mendelian inheritance and the proper terminology that goes along with it.

The reason that Palmetto is listed as incomplete dominant is because in many cases the Hets can be visually identified. If it were truly a recessive gene you would not be able to visually ID heterozygous animals.


Ah thanks so that’s explains why the hets have a hypo look. Thanks for the help!