How many hatchling tubs per breeding female?

I am curious how you guys determine how many hatchling tubs you need per breeding female? I am wanting to expand and maximize the space I have but am unsure how many hatchling tubs I should have if I plan to eventually breed 50-60 females per season.

Clutch sizes usually vary from 6 to 12 so you want to plan based on that.


We produced 28 clutches in 2019 and have 225 hatchling tubs. We were near capacity at one point and probably would have been over had animals not been shipped out while in the peak of hatching season.


Thank you. My biggest season has been 15 clutches and I didn’t get close to filling up my hatchling rack because of how spaced out the clutches were and because hatchlings sold before the next clutch hatched. It worked out pretty well but I know I can’t expect that every time.

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