How to build collection as a beginner?

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Cruise morphmarket and find what you like. I personally like reduced pattern with well contrasted colors. I also like anything dark. Ghi, leopard being 2. I don’t like white snakes. Well pieds. I cant watch them eat though when they turn red it really bothers me.

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What ever morph you decide to go with pick the one that is your most favorite and work the it like it had never been done before. There is alot of morphs out there but they are still on the ground floor and still have alot to be done with as far as how other morphs work with it and don’t. Instead of spreading your self all over stay focused on the direction you want to go. I hope this has helped you in your passion for the animals.


I agree very sound advice here. Stay small pick a few awesome morphs you like, and work them. So easy to get bit by the ball bug, and acquire tons of morphs and burn out. Keeping your collection small, and manageable helps you stay focused and enjoy the animals.


Stay focused. I’ve gone from trying to do “everything” to just a couple recessives (pied and axanthic).

Stay focused. My collection won’t get any bigger. It just gets better. Hold back females grow up and replace their mothers. Sons replace their fathers.

Stay focused. Make a plan and try to stick to it. Obviously plans change over time but think longer term results. Things are only work out about 1/2 as good as you’d like. All females don’t produce every year. Occasionally a snake will die.

Nothing beats watching the heads poke out of an egg of another personal first.


That desire to do “everything” is real when there’s so much cool stuff people are working on out there!

If I could re-do anything regarding my ball pythons, it would be to have gone more slowly in buying them at first. It really took me a couple years of consideration to narrow down a direction I’m really excited about, and to have a plan on how to carry it out.


I’ve changed my mind so much its pathetic. Started out wanting clowns, went and bought one visual and several hets. Changed mind to orange ghosts. Again, one visual and several hets. Then, settled on genetic stripes. And again, a visual and several hets. Now I have a buttload of snakes, and only have the room to work on one project at a time.


I would invest invest heavy in my females as they do cost more but they also retain there value so there are many ways to look at it but the main thing is to scour the pics and see what you really like to do…dont do it just ti do it…start with what you LIKE and you’ll grow to LOVE this hobby

I also had that problem starting out with cresties, at first I wanted to do dark, then I went into red harlequin and tri.

But as I went on and looking at all the morphs coming out I knew that I definitely wanted to focus on yellow, buckskin, orange, red and dark lilly whites and crested gecko hybrids as the main projects with extremes, high whites, and dalmatians as side projects.

So yeah I’d say definitely put a lot of research into all the morphs available and what colours you want to aim for so you don’t change your mind as much as JnGriffin and myself at the beginning. X-D