How to choose morphs to breed with each other?

I have a male banana het pied ball python. I absolutely love him and am considering breeding him. How do you decide what morphs to breed?

For one if he’s het pied, then I’d find him a pied girl, or het pied.

What other genes do you like? Banana Leo’s are lovely, banana enchi, pinstripe banana etc.
Obviously then being pied also, lush! :heart_eyes:

Go for what you like, plus het pied or visual! :black_heart:


Look on the marketplace for morph combos that you like that include banana and/or pied and breed for that. But, breeding just to breed (without working towards a goal or only trying to earn money) is a bad idea because there are lots of low-gene animals for sale and, unfortunately, normals, 1-2 gene, and inexpensive animals are much more likely to be abandoned, surrendered, or neglected.
But, if you find a morph combo that you want to produce and you are willing to hold onto lower value animals that you might produce if they take a while to sell, then go ahead. There are a ton of morphs you can work with, and it’s a lot of fun to learn about genetics and how different morphs interact to produce cool patterns and colors.


Thanks for the advice. I’m very new to this and wanted to make sure I’m doing things correctly. I have been playing around with morph calculators to see what results might be. This might be a stupid question, but how do you choose a goal or direction to go in? I mean i know what I like visually when it comes to morphs, but don’t know if that is enough.

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I think there’s a good overlap for most sucessful breeders of what they like, and what they can sucessfully sell. It’s important to breed what you like, but if nobody else likes it, it’s going to be staying with you. So some knowledge of the market before breeding is probably a good idea.

There’s also more to it than just picking a certain morph, because there can be huge variability between different examples of the same morph. So it’s important to work with high quality examples, and know what type of look you’re going for


:point_up_2: This is spot on! You need to work towards what you like but you need to make sure that pretty much everything that you can produce along the way you’ll be able to sell and there’s a market for what you can/want to produce. Working with high quality lines/individuals and setting up social media/advertising will help set you apart and make it easier to sell your hatchlings.