How to Get Picky Hognose To Eat

I got my first hognose snake about a month ago, and he hasn’t eaten yet. I know hognoses can be picky, but I would like to get him eating as soon as possible. I’ve tried to feed him about 5 times since then. What are some techniques I could use to get him to start eating?

So how exactly are you feeding? Tongs/f/t, tongs/live, feeding plate/live, feeding plate/f/t?
For the hog that you got it was not specified that he was feeding on sense, right?

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I’m feeding on a plate frozen thawed, it was specified that he was eating unscented frozen thawed, and he will bite at the food, but then not eat it. I only know this because I can see bite marks in the food after a while.

Do you know approximately how much he weighs and what size of food you’re feeding? It is possible that he is uncomfortable with the size.

Here are some great tips for hogs in general

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Sounds like it’s too big for sure.

Blaze has been refusing food as I went to up the size as the female younger than him is on larger so thought he’s like a bigger meal also…
Back to smaller we go! :sweat_smile:

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@lumpy @ghoulishcresties How can I find smaller mice? I though pinkies were the smallest.

Some cut them in half. Or I think that there is day old pinks. I think you can find them online.

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Was just about to say the cutting in half!

If you don’t mind doing that, worth a go indeed as said. :blush:

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It is a hard thing to do. I have never had to do it, but I bet it is hard :face_vomiting:.

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I have a pretty high grossness tolerance, so it should be fine. I’ll for sure try that next :grin:


Do it while the pinkie is frozen! Much easier that way and you can also save the other half instead of wasting it.

What size is his enclosure? Basking temp? Ambient temp?

IME, offering food too frequently stresses them out far more than offering less often.

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