How to identify if Enchi also has acid?

I’ve seen several Enchi Acids available for sale. To me they look like just an Enchi. Does anyone have insight on how to identify acid in an Enchi. I hatched an Enchi and I have no clue if he has acid. My initial thought was no but after seeing other Enchis
with acid I have no clue.

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Well my first question would be, do you have an Acid that was bred to the Enchi parent?

That said, while Enchi does tend to over-power Acid, there are still traits that stick out and I am not seeing Acid in this animal:

  • The tone of the colour is bumped
  • The pattern is, somewhat contradictory, smoother
  • There is more pattern to the combo than the single gene
  • There is a strong alteration to the patterning of the last third of the body
  • There is a distinct headstamp to the combo

Sire was a Pastel Acid Dam orange dream Enchi bumblebee.