How To LEAVE America With A Pet Ball Python

I don’t care about coming back. I dont WANT to so it’s no big deal. But I’m planning to leave the USA and go to Ecuador. The total length of the trip is over 14 hours and no airline has a current method for pet travel down to South America (I also have a cat which is why I checked them first tbh).
Is there really NO WAY to get my pets out with me? Again I DONT CARE about coming back, I most likely won’t anyway. I just want to get them out.

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Maybe you can ship to the new location before you leave? Like a few hours before you leave go to a shipping company like FedEx or whatever and ship it that way they should arrive when you get there or the next morning.

Thats all i can think of.


I would try contacting any of the sellers listed here (they reportedly export reptiles to Ecuador) and see if they can offer any advice. Animals for Sale - MorphMarket US & Canada

It will probably be an expensive and time-consuming process, unfortunately. I don’t know about Ecuador specifically, but many countries require vet records and a lengthy quarantine period to import your animals.

Are there any forums, Facebook groups, subreddits, etc., that are for people moving from the US to Ecuador? I would try searching some of those too and see if anyone can give you advice.


I can try to find some forums, but from what I’ve seen, Ecuadorians typically have WhatsApp groups more often than facebook ones. I could to reddit though! It’s barely active but they do have one.

As for the expenses, since this is a one time fee, I don’t mind them. Though that quarantine might urk me a bit assuming they hold on to him and not me.

How far back would the vet records need to be though? He’s only a year old right now but I just recently got him (right before the family made the decision to move ironically.) I’m not sure if the place I got him from still has his records bc it’s been over a month, but they used the same vet I do if that can help.

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Ironically I did look into FedEx because they have it down there. Problem is, gf doesn’t have an address or a street name. I’m sure the hotel we frequent would help but they have a cat that roams the hotel so I’d have to be sure to be there the moment he arrives.

So far this is my top opinion though!


You’re going to need to fill out an import form with the Ministry of Agriculture.

USDA has a pet travel by country guide which links to the Ministry’s page. You’ll want to go here and it seems like you’ll need to submit this form.

After that, I can’t be of any real help, this is just what I found in a cursory search. You should be able to contact the ministry for more information, however.


I hope you and your animals find a safe place to arrive. Good luck in your new home.


This was still helpful regardless. Thanks!


Your best bet would be to ship the animals to the airport for pickup. Reach out to one of the big timers; Justin, Brian, Amad, Mike, or Bob for accurate information.