How To Unblock A User?

Soooo….my sausage fingers hit block user instead of archive, so is there a way to unblock that user?

When you go to MorphMarket and click your username at the top right a drop down menu will appear. If you click followed stores (third option down) it will also show the blocked stores and you should be able to unblock from there.

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This was done through messages. I didn’t block a store.

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Can you go back to that same message (you might have to check your search history to find it) and unblock it from there? I’m going to look around the site and see if I can find something.

Okay, I found a better way. It’s mentioned in the thread when the feature came out.

Once you block that user, the messages disappear. Those messages were replied to through my spam folder, so they were deleted and gone in my outlook inbox. I’m lost on this one.

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I found the message chain, but I’m not finding a unblock option. I click on the action bar, where this whole thing started from, and I don’t have that option?

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Is there a button that says reply? I’m not familiar with the message system on the marketplace, so there’s only so much I can help with.

This shouldn’t be the case. They should just have a “Closed” tag next to the username

You should be able to open up that message thread and use the “Unblock” User option in the Actions menu.

Screenshot 2022-07-20 002608

Please note however that blocking a user through the messenger will also close the thread, which will need reopening in order to continue, using the actions menu also.

With that said. I’ve looked into your account and you currently don’t have any “Blocked Users”… have you managed to undo this already?