Howdy from Texas!

Hello! Thought I’d go ahead and introduce myself since I’ve been creeping this place for far too long without an introduction thread. I’m Anna and I’m a new ball python owner, quickly turned hobbyist, from the great state of Texas.

Purchased my first ball python as NARBC in Arlington a few weeks ago to help get over my anxiety and fear towards snakes. Kinda helping, kinda not. Penny, the ball python, is very chill and has adapted well to his new home. I never thought I would own a snake, but here I am, and now I seem to be surfing morphmarket daily to view all the different ball python morphs. It’s fascinating to me.

I do plan on eventually breeding ball pythons (or attempting to at least) in the upcoming years (let’s aim for like 2022) with a collection I’ve already started accumulating. I’m not really interested in the money aspect of breeding. I think it would just be cool to have a successful clutch, ha-ha.

My current snakes:
1.0 Banana het. Piebald [Penny]
1.0 Pastel Bamboo Yellowbelly [Oliver]
0.1 Pastel Yellowbelly Pied [Luna]
0.1 Bamboo Pinstripe Yellowbelly [Margo]

Getting between now and 2020:
One more male and three more females

Outside from this snake life I am a somewhat cool wife and a dog mom to three big doggos. I run a pretty cool crappy blog that I forget to post on for months at a time. I’m a fluid painter and teach classes sometimes at my local Michael’s store. I’m a big FPS gamer (xbone currently be recruited to join the ‘pc faboy race’ thanks to the husband), and my FIL has gotten me active in photography. My husband thought it’d “be cool to learn how to scuba dive” so I’m a certified diver now as well. :woman_shrugging: Professionally I work in the transportation industry so that’s always ‘fun’ depending on the day.

Here’s some pics of me and my little family:


Sasha (1.5 y/o), Ender (5 y/o), and Korra (4 y/o) [German Shepherds & Alaskan Malmaute]

The husbean and the nood


Welcome to the forums and the wonderful world of reptiles :). Your little banana het pied is wonderful. I love that in today’s market some of the most visually incredible snakes are financially accessible to newer keepers. Genetics/Morphs sure are interesting right? It gets complicated with the incredible number of genes we’re working with within the ball python species. I come from a boa background where things were a bit more simple. Learning ball pythons over the past year or so has been a blast. PS - Your husband is right, ditch the XB1 controller and move to the PC world :slight_smile:.

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Welcome to the forum! You will be addicted soon! Usually most folks skip from 3 snakes to like 20 in a matter of months. If you’re planning to breed one day, or have 2-10 ball pythons at any given time, I would research a rodent breeder in your area. That seems to be the one thing folks don’t think about until they get too many snakes. Good luck, and we’re happy to help any way we can

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Hello and welcome! I am also new to the forums. You have a wonderful snake there!

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Oh absolutely. I didn’t know snakes in general had “morphs” until I started watching youtube videos of ball pythons and started seeing all the different colors and morphs. I find it extremely fascinating and I’ve been seeing a lot more breeders (who haven’t been around for 20+ years) breed a set or morphs to another set of morphs and then aren’t able to identify what exactly the hatchlings are. I can’t wait to learn more about morphs and the genetics of snakes and just see where this adventure takes me!

I jumped to 4 in a week. Hope I don’t become too crazy, ha-ha. I’ve actually been reading up on rodent breeders and the companies or people around the DFW area that are trustworthy. I’ve also been reading up on how some people breed their own rodents and I found that quite interesting as well. Since the DFW area is surrounded by conventions every few months or so I figured that’s when I make more contacts, and if my wallet allows it, stock up on some different sizes for FT rats. :slight_smile:

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You’re in a good part of Texas for reptile and rodent breeders for sure

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Welcome! You have a beautiful family! I find it interesting that you got into ball pythons despite feeling some anxiety about snakes. I think that’s really cool!

As far as frozen/thawed rodents, I can definitely recommend Big Cheese Rodents in Ft. Worth. I’ve been ordering from them for years.

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Just looked into them and shot them a message! I’m about 30 minutes away from their location. Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

p.s. anxiety hasn’t gone away :joy: